Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sparkly Valentine Hearts

Earlier this week Grace made salt dough and shaped the dough into Valentine hearts. Grace also added red food coloring and lots & lots & LOTS of silver and red glitter to make the hearts extra special and sparkly. Jack enjoyed playing with the dough while Grace made the hearts.Grace and Jack are giving these hearts to all of our friends and family for Valentine's Day. Grace and Jack also hand delivered their Valentine hearts to Daddy and his coworkers at his office yesterday (pictures to come!).

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loving our sparkly Jack and Grace, said...

Some of my most favorite things are glitter and LOTS of glitter, and Grace, and this has to be a favorite post!

I know the feeling that Grace is expressing in that photo. Pouring glitter and the sparkly feeling it presents is quite irresistible.

I cannot wait to see the pictures of Jack And Grace at Daddy's office. How very special we all are to receive sparkling hearts ~ handmade by Grace and Jack. Oh, how very much I am enjoying all the Valentine posts.
Love and hearts,

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