Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since the beginning of winter Grace has been very interested in animals that hibernate. Today, Grace was so excited to make a picture of animals hibernating in their winter homes. Grace cut out a picture of a ladybug, squirrel, skunk, bat, beaver, snake, frog, bear, and a gopher. Grace glued the animals into their winter homes ~ a burrow for the snake, chipmunk, & skunk; a den for the gopher; a hollow tree for the ladybug and squirrel; a cave for the bear; an empty barn for a bat hanging upside down; the bottom of a pond where the water does not freeze for the frog; and a lodge for the beaver. Grace has really loved learning about all of the animals that are considered true hibernators and those that are not considered true hibernators (like bears!). How exciting it is for Grace to know that the hibernating animals will be waking up from their long winter's nap very soon!

Grace was very proud of her picture and she chose to hang it on a wall where Jack would see as soon as he woke up from his morning nap. Here is a picture of Grace describing her picture (quite enthusiastically!) to Jack. What a great teacher Grace is and Jack has learned so much from his big sister!

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learning and snowing, said...

Dearest Grace,
How perfect for me to see your picture this morning. We are having a big snowstorm here in Vermont for the first time in a very-long-time. All of your animal friends that live here are cozy in their burrows, dens, trees, caves, lodges, ponds and barns. I learned so much from you while I read this. Just like I stated yesterday...I am always learning from you and Jack.
Thank you for the lesson. If it were me, I'd like to be the bat hanging upside down in an old Vermont barn. What about you? Is it snowing in Maine?
Have a wonderful last Wednesday in February.
How I Love You, Gracie Girl,

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