Friday, February 5, 2010

Fine Motor Fun Using Toothpicks

Grace was asking about some of the activities she did when she was a baby. I showed her how she loved to put toothpicks into the holes of a Parmesan cheese shaker the summer she was 1 1/2 years old. Jack was amazed to watch Grace with this activity so he decided to give it a try too. Jack then amazed all of us by precisely putting the toothpicks into the tiny holes. Jack clearly chose a certain hole for each toothpick and carefully placed the toothpick through it. Jack loved this activity and he sat for nearly a half hour putting the toothpicks into the shaker. Great job, Jack!

Here is Grace doing the same fine motor toothpick activity in June of 2008!


Donna said...

What patience Jack has for his age! Looks like he may be an engineer or surgeon one day...

Maddy, said...

Oh, Donna is so right....patience and precision!
Wow, you know that will only lead to bigger and greater things! Jack is one amazing little boy.
I Love You, Jack

PS ~ Grace & Jack are so, so cute when they are working so hard. And, seeing Grace at 18 months! I can't believe how she has grown up before our very eyes. I sometimes wish I could freeze time. But, each days brings such new and beautiful moments as we watch Jack and Grace grow.

Anonymous said...

Amazing dexterity, and the patience and focus! Yeah for Jack!

Grace, what a good question! Then both you and Jack could share a fun

Rebecca, so happy to revisit the picture of Grace placing the toothpicks in the container. What a cutie!

Love you,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?