Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Rest of Our Beautiful October Morning at Pineland Farms...

After Jack and Eve carved their jack-o'-lanterns at Pineland Farms we enjoyed a beautiful walk down to their cow barn to feed the cows the pumpkin seeds and pulp from our pumpkins.  What a treat for the cows...and for us!

Jack and Eve stopped by the fence to get a better view of the landscape!

When we arrived at the cow barn all of the cows were lying down.  Once they saw Jack and Eve they got right up to come and see them!

The cows loved their pumpkin treats from Jack and Eve.

 Bailey cow seemed to enjoy the pumpkin the most and Jack loved feeding her.

Eve enjoyed standing back to watch the cows eat the pumpkin.

I love this view of Pineland.  The building in the background is where the educational programs at Pineland are held and it is also the site of the family farmyard area.  

Bailey!  :)

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Maddy, said...

What a picture-perfect place Pineland Farms is. Loving how you experience the wonder of it all there. Please, send them these photos, Rebecca, they would be honored to see how much their farm is loved and treasured by your children. Just mesmerizing.

Those fence shots are excellent! Honest-to-goodness beautiful Eve and Jack!
Love, Maddy

ps~love your new blog look and header, Rebecca! Very inviting.

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