Monday, October 7, 2013

Sensory Activity: Rainbow Colored Rice!

In our playroom I have a sand box that I use for a variety of sensory activities with my children.  Most recently we had the box filled with corn kernels for sensory play.  A few weeks ago Eve asked if we could replace the corn kernels with rice.  Eve worked hard over several days to color bags of rice a variety of bright colors and she was extremely excited to make a rainbow rice box!

I always add a variety of containers and measuring items to our sensory bins/boxes to aid in fine motor skills like scooping, pouring, etc..  This time I also added letters into the rainbow rice box for Eve.  This rice box allows Eve lots of opportunities to play and explore but also includes some opportunities for more directed learning.   Here are just a few things that I love so much about sensory play/sensory bins: they are visually, texturally and audibly appealing, they help develop fine motor skills, transferring skills, counting, sorting and matching, classifying and provide lots of opportunity for imaginative play.  It's also a fun way to target specific skills - in this case letter and sound identification.

 Eve enjoyed experimenting with putting rice through a funnel.

Eve practiced scooping and pouring.

Eve loved counting how many tablespoons of rice it took to fill her yellow container.

 Here is what the rainbow rice bin looked like when Eve first poured in the rice.  Eve did a great job choosing the colors and pouring the heavy rice into the sensory box.  It's so pretty and cheerful!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Eve! You made some beautiful, beautiful rice pictures.
And had fun through it all! What could be better?

Love you, special girl,

Maddy, said...

So loving the time that you and Eve have together while Jack and Grace are at school, Rebecca.

I have liked your sensory boxes and bins so much through the years since Grace was a little toddler. How wonderful to put your Speech and Language Pathology skills in actions with your children. Those six years of College really paid off didn't they--wink, wink!! You are such a caring and loving Mama!

My Little Butter Bean [aka Lizzy!] is so sweet in the colorful rice bin. I love learning time! The coloring of your rice must have been a delightful process for you both. Enjoy your 3 mornings per week together you two.

I Love All of You More than all of those pieces of rice!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?