Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grace's Soccer Season

I so love how one side Grace is so fiercely driven, extremely hard working, motivated and passionate.  I saw this side of Grace out on the soccer field this season.  Grace was always running to get the ball, hustling, defending...she was very involved in each game.  The other side of Grace is this free spirited girl who I would see cartwheeling in the goal box or in the middle of the soccer field whenever there was a small break in the action.  I loved every minute watching Grace on and off of the soccer field this season.  Grace was also so supportive of her teammates.  Grace is truly loved by everyone on her team and all of her coaches.  I am proud of my soccer girl!  Here are some pictures of Grace throughout the 2013 soccer season...



Anonymous said...

Rebecca,you truly captured Grace's spirit, her soccer skills, her fashion. When on the field, she has her eyes on the ball, follows and chases it relentlessly, and, works with the other girls to get that ball in her team's net. When playing goalie, she's all eyes on the ball and ready to pounce if it comes within the goal post's area. She is a great little player, and I hope that she continues to show interest in the sport because she has the talent to do well.

Her headbands, soccer socks, and bracelet bring style to the soccer attire. I love the variety.

It also makes me very happy that Rob helped to coach Grace's team.
At the game that we attended, I saw how encouraging he was, and, at one point, gave her a tender hug, and she looked up and gave him her radiant smile. Special moments.

Congratulations, Grace, you played hard and well and you had fun.

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses,

Maddy to Grace, said...

Oh, Grace! How to put you into words! It's rather impossible, my dearest. One has to be with you to really know you, I truly believe. There is just so much to your personality and thoughts and questions, And, how I love all of it!

I love these pictures that Mama took of you playing soccer. Yet another area that you have experience in. Love how your interests range from books and school, to ballet and dancing, to piano and music, sports and running, and arts and crafts. It's a joy for me to watch and look and listen from afar and make up little dreams in my mind about just what direction you might decide to take in your life.

May your huge heart and bright mind take you to parts and places that will change our world and make it a better place. Always know that your Maddy will be cheering you on.

I Love You, My Girl,

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