Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Ready for Halloween: Painting Pumpkin and Ghost Rocks!

We have been having lots of fun getting ready for Halloween.  I still can't quite believe that Halloween is less than a week away and that November is right around the corner.  My goodness, time flies!  Grace, Jack and Eve made these adorable jack-o'lantern pumpkin and ghost rocks last week.  Aren't they sweet?!!  I'll post pictures of them making these Halloween rocks some time over the weekend.  Happy Friday!

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Maddy, said...

Can't get enough of these pumpkins and ghosts...those two in the middle are so, so cute! Heart melting.

I so agree with you, Dear Rebecca, time sure does whisk by. This Fall has been so beautiful that it doesn't seem possible to be even saying "November"!

Can't wait to see Grace, Jack, and Eve creating these pumpkins and ghost rocks.

Love to My Little Pumpkins,

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