Friday, October 18, 2013

Jack's Soccer Season

Here are some pictures from Jack's soccer season.  It was such a joy for me to watch Jack play because he was ALWAYS smiling and giggling on the field.  Jack truly loved all of his teammates, coaches and everything about playing soccer!

 I loved how Jack would stop in the middle of the game to yell, "Hi, Mama!"
So, so sweet!

Jack's biggest soccer fans....

Grace was so excited to be able to watch Jack play at two of his soccer games.  Unfortunately, the majority of their games overlapped each other this season -- their games were scheduled at the same day and time and in two very different locations (with the exception of only two games).  Grace was Jack's biggest cheerleader!

Eve was the biggest little soccer fan this season!!!  She attended all of Grace's games and loved watching Jack play too.  



Anonymous said...

What a guy! Moving and smiling, capturing the ball, dribbling it, scoring, all so effortlessly. What a soccer player!

Great season, Jack! Congratulations!

I love and enjoy seeing Rob with his son and sharing a sport that he loved and excelled in.

Smiling along with all of you,

"Sweetest Day" Love!, said...

Jack is the cutest little boy!! Bob is the handsome coach and man!!

Love these photos of Smiling Jack! Couldn't you just hug him to bits in that Soccer uniform and those cleats!

My most favorite part has to be Jack saying and smiling a sweet hello to Mama!

This is so sweet to see on this "Sweetest Day" (3rd Saturday in October & one of my most favorite of all the Holidays!! ),

Sending all of My Little S-w-e-e-t-s all of my sweet love,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?