Saturday, October 26, 2013

Making Pumpkin and Ghost Rocks...

To make the pumpkin and ghost rocks, Eve and I enjoyed going on a walk together to gather the rocks.  Eve brought along her favorite stroller and a jack-o'-lantern bag (a walk with Eve is never complete without a stroller for her to push!).  During our walk Eve knew exactly which rocks she wanted for this project and quickly filled her bag.

As an I was going through the pictures I was struck by how much has changed weather-wise in just over a week.  Much of the leaves are now brown or have completely fallen off of the trees.  It was just this past Monday that I also noticed a shift in the air.  It occurred when Eve and I were on a bike ride and it was the first time that I really felt as though I needed my jacket on (and wished I had a hat and mittens on too!).  This past weekend the weather has definitely shifted to a mid-autumn feeling with temperatures struggling to reach 50 degrees.

After Eve was finished collecting her rocks, she went inside and brought her learning tower over to our sink to wash them!

Eve peeking into her bag to make sure all of her rocks were clean!

A few days later Eve painted half of her rocks orange and the other half white.

Jack was such a big helper too!  On several different occasions he went outside to collect more rocks for this project.  He had fun painting them with Eve.  Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of Grace doing this project but she drew most of the faces on the rocks to complete this fun Halloween project!

Coming up next.....Jack and Eve carving pumpkins together at Pineland Farms and Grace carving her jack-o'-lanten!

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To Our little Pumpkins!, said...

What fun and what a girl that Eve is!!

I loved watching all of her steps in making the ghost and pumpkin rocks. Such hard work! So unbelievably cute! Can't get enough of her tutu especially the photo at the sink!

Jack is always there to help his sisters! Poppy and I just *love* this project and are hoping that we might just receive a few!!

Love, Maddy + Poppy

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