Thursday, October 24, 2013

Eve's Soccer Season: Soccer Fan & Player!

Here is Eve...she truly is the best little soccer fan.  I had such a great time with Eve at all of the games this past soccer season!  Eve was such a wonderful soccer fan and she happily cheered on her big brother and big sister during all of their games!

Despite Eve's teeny tiny size she is very strong, determined and independent.  Eve was determined that she would carry her own chair to all of the games despite the fact that her yellow chair was nearly as big as she is!

For every game Eve set up our blanket, her yellow chair and she would also get her snacks ready all by herself!

Here's my sweet, happy girl!  I loved my time with Eve at the soccer games.  She really is so much fun to be with!

Here are some pictures of Eve, the SOCCER PLAYER during her first soccer season...

I always smile when I think of just how many water breaks Eve took during her soccer practices!  The girl definitely knows how to stay hydrated.  :)

 Here is Eve at her last soccer practice holding her very first trophy!


Anonymous said...

Movin', groovin', restin' - all good for our girl Eve. She showed up and paid attention. Next season she'll be ready to take on the game and show everyone that you don't need to stress to be good at soccer. She smiles; she scores!
We love our Eve!!!


Maddy, said...

There she is--Eve aka *My Little Butter Bean*!!!

Love these images of Eve, Rebecca. Don't you just adore her teeny tiniest! How sweet and cute is it that Eve is just a wisp of a thing but so full of such huge personality?!! So Love It!

I also love how Eve is the perfect 3rd interested in Grace's and Jack's adventures yet she knows what she likes (or doesn't!)! She is Forever Eve.

Sending Warm Hugs to All this last weekend of October. Halloween just around the corner! Have fun at the parties today.
Love, Maddy

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