Sunday, October 27, 2013

Grace Carving her Jack-o'-lantern!

Our Jack admiring Grace's "Jack."
Great job, Gracie girl!


Anonymous said...

Gracie Girl, you light up our world yet again. Thank you for that; thank you for being wonderful you.

Imagine that, you carved it all by yourself! You did it so well, allowing a lot of light to show through. Good job!

I love you.

Maddy, said...

Grace does indeed light up the world!

Love these photos and seeing that smile and happiness emanate from Grace. She is just pure joy, that one.

I must admit how I am smiling to myself seeing Grace with a knife (inside family thing/joke!!)!

The bottom image is just perfect, Rebecca. At first glance I thought it was Grace but Dad said right away that it is Jack. Love how in different situations all three Littles look so very much like one another!

Loving ( and very much missing) all of my little children,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?