Thursday, November 20, 2008

Matching Fall Leaves

Maddy made this terrific leaf matching game for Grace from real fall leaves that she collected in Vermont. Maddy colored copied each leaf twice in order to make matching pairs and then laminated the leaves. I was very surprised how quickly Grace was able to find matching leaf pairs since all the leaves look very much alike with only very subtle differences. It took me much longer than Grace to find the correct pairs!! Grace loves all matching games & activities and this was a perfect one for fall.


glad you like it! said...

So happy that you are enjoying this, Grace. I was planning on making it for weeks and using the beautiful Sugar Maple leaves that Vermont is so famous for but, when Poppy and I went for a walk in the woods the maples had shed their leaves and I could only find brownish ones. I found these deep in the woods. And I must say, that after the project was completed, I had such a difficult time with the matching that I almost decided to put it away until next Fall! I should have know that you, our Amazing Grace would find it easy-peasy! Next up, matching snowflakes! I'll try to make it a little more challenging for you!!
See you in less than a week--we can hardly wait!
xo, love Maddy

Anonymous said...

Grace, you outshine your Memere. I kept looking at these leaves and struggling to see which goes with which one. Great looking, Grace!
Piles of hugs and kisses,

P. S. Very clever, Maddy

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