Sunday, November 30, 2008

Decorating Our Christmas Tree

Bob, Grace, and I had such a wonderful time decorating our tree together while singing along to Christmas carols this morning. Grace was such a big helper in hanging the ornaments on our tree. She found a perfect spot for each one!
Grace had just as much fun taking the ornaments out of the boxes and unwrapping them as she did finding a spot for them on our tree. It was so much fun for Bob and I to watch Grace's face light up each time she unwrapped a new ornament!
Anyone who knows our Gracie girl certainly won't be surprised by this picture ~ of course Grace had to closely examine underneath our Christmas tree in order to study how the stand works and to feel the trunk of the tree!


Loving the way Grace sees the world! said...

It is Beautiful!
We are smiling to ourselves all the time as we see Grace wanting to figure out everything about how a tree came to be all decorated and pretty and is now in her living room! Of course, only Grace--in her most special Grace way would want that information!
We So Love our little explorer and nature Girl!
XO, Maddy and Poppy

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Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?