Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Our Veterans

We took time today to honor and respect all of the men & women who serve or have served in the US Armed Forces to protect our great country. As a special way to honor our veterans, Grace painted several American flags. Grace made one flag for Poppy (who served in Vietnam), one flag for Uncle Steve (who currently serves in the Reserves), and several flags for service men or women who are currently serving overseas. Grace will proudly mail her flags overseas tomorrow morning.

I don't think it is ever too early to teach our children to respect the sacrifice that our veterans have made. Here is a great way for older children to write to one of our soldiers:

To all who have served out country and to those who are currently serving our country, we THANK YOU. Your courage, service, and sacrifice is not forgotten.


so very proud of rebecca and grace said...

This is one of the nicest things that I have ever seen! Poppy will be thrilled with his flag. Any service-person overseas will be so touched and proud to receive a flag that Grace made. I also, am filled with pride today as we thank the great Americans who have served our country. What a wonderful and thoughtful lesson that you taught Grace today. This is what living in the USA is all about---at any age.
Love to All,

Anonymous said...

What an original Veterans Day flag you and mommy have created!
And so appropriate to post it today. Congratulations, Grace

Love to you all,Pepere.

Poppy said...

Grace, you made your Poppy very happy. I was really touched when I saw the flag you painted. Thank you so much. I know the flags you made will be much appreciated by the airmen, soldiers, & sailors who get them. They will know that the flags were made with love and that somone cares about them.
Your Poppy

Anonymous said...

Your flag is terrific. Thank you, Grace and Mommy, for reminding us of how grateful we should be for all who have and who do serve our country.
Uncle Steve is so proud of his flag! It has a place of honor in his house.
Love you always and forever,

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