Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cousin Rose & Cousin Kimberlee

Today we traveled to Massachusetts to celebrate cousins Rose's 4th birthday & cousin Kimberlee's 1st birthday. The birthday theme was Mini Mouse and all of the girl cousins looked so cute together! Grace was very excited to see cousin Rose. Grace ran right to her so she could give Rose one of her big hugs.
Grace then ran over to cousin Kimberlee and gave her a birthday hat so that she could properly celebrate at her party.
Grace continued to distribute party hats to many of the people at the party. She took a brief respite to show Memere the mouse whiskers on her face. Grace was the cutest little mouse with her whiskers and in the beautiful mouse shirt, skirt, and tights that Maddy made.
Grace took a four second nap toward the end of the party to re-energize. The rest worked and Grace then resumed spreading cheer and birthday hats to the rest of the guests.


let the good times begin! said...

So many birthdays...every year now, from Halloween on we says let the celebrations begin! There is Kimberlee, Memere, Thanksgiving, Grace, Auntie Allison, Rose, Christmas and ALL that goes with it, New Years and somewhere in the mix will be Grace's brother's birthday! Wow! So Much Fun!

The three girls looked exceptionally sweet at the party. I'm sure that Grace has enjoyed having her pretty face painted for the last few days. She must be thinking, "What will I be today!?"
Happy Birthday to Kimberlee, one,
Happy Birthday to Rose, four, and
Happy 23rd month Birthday to Grace!
Love to Everyone,
xo, Maddy

PS ~ Dear Grace, I cannot believe that you will be 2 years old in another month! When your baby brother arrives we'll have some special times together. Help take care of your Mommy this week. Give her lots of your tight squeeze hugs and your gentle kisses!!

Anonymous said...

I was so glad to see you yesterday. I wish that I could see you every day. I wish that you could come to my house today, tomorrow, and every day. Pretty soon it will be your birthday!
I love you.
Your cousin,

Anonymous said...

These are the cutest mice ever!!!
How splendid they each look!
Maddy again made you the sweetest, cutest mouse outfit.
We were so delighted to see you, Grace, and your Mommy and Daddy.
We had so much fun watching you and visiting with you. You were a big hit at the party.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?