Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Gift Of Giving ~ The Best Gift Of All

Maddy, Poppy, and Grace put together a very special "birthday box." Grace's birthday box consists of a shoebox filled with everything needed for a small birthday party. Grace's box will be sent to a less fortunate child within a Native American community in New Mexico for their birthday. The program that coordinates this special "Birthday Buddy" program is called Family-To-Family. This is a wonderful way for Grace to learn that the best gift of all is to give to others. Grace filled her birthday box with toys, books, birthday decorations, cake mix, frosting, and birthday candles.
Grace chose several animals from her animal bin to include inside the birthday box. I was very proud that Grace chose her favorite animals to give to another child. Grace also chose several special books from her book basket to put inside the birthday box.

Being a "Birthday Buddy" and creating a birthday box will become a special tradition for Grace on her birthday every year. Knowing that Grace has made a difference in another child's life is the very best gift that we can give to her. We are so thankful for all that we have and are very fortunate to be able to make a small difference in another child's life.


such a special moment said...

Oh, how I loved doing this with Grace! I think that of all the very special moments we had during our visit I loved this the most! Grace's sweetness shone through as she listened to my story and then went and chose one of her books and a colored pencil to add to the box. It was such a wonderful giving moment. I will continue this tradition every year with Grace and Jack.
With a Heart So Full of Thankfulness, Maddy

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