Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brady the Super Dog

One of Daddy's co-workers named Sue came over today to buy some firewood that we do not need anymore. Sue & her husband Steve were so nice to bring their super dog Brady. Brady is a beautiful and very well behaved 4-year old labrador retriever. Above, a moment of mutual admiration as Grace is very excited to see Brady dog and Brady relishes in the smell of Grace's Kangaroo Mangaroo shampoo.

A very cute game of Simon says as Grace follows Brady's lead and sits. This behavior didn't fit either Grace or Brady so they agreed that games involving more activity would be more fun.

Hide and seek was so much fun with Brady dog. Grace did a great job hiding and Brady dog used his super lab nose to find our little Gracie girl. Brady didn't like doing the hiding since that meant even a few precious seconds away from his good friends.

We had a great time with Sue, Steve, and Brady dog. Shortly after they left, Grace asked whether we could go see Brady dog tomorrow. Tomorrow might not happen but we hope to see our good friends again real soon!


you need one!! said...

You need to get a beautiful dog like Brady for Grace & Jack. It shouldn't be too much work for Rebecca these days, after all she is potty training and will soon be changing diapers so I'm thinking that training a puppy should fit in just right about now!! What's one more!
Grace is super extra-cute today!
Love, Maddy :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace,
What fun! I bet a dog will be the next member of the Leger clan, after Baby Jack, of course... Maybe in spring... Sarah and Neil had such fun with their yellow lab, Kate. We have many pictures of the three of them in the yard and around the house, best buddies! Looking forward to the posts of your second birthday and of course of you becoming a BIG sister. Sarah was born on December 15,(Jack's due date) 1986 and brought her little brother Neil, home on her 4th birthday. He was born on December 13, 1990. On that day she said he was her "bestest" birthday present! They are still very close at almost 22 and 18... I love December babies...

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?