Monday, August 25, 2008

Messy Monday!

The theme of the day was MESSY MONDAY! Grace had fun drawing in shaving cream that initially started on a cookie sheet then ended up all over our deck! Grace later added food coloring to the shaving cream. Grace was very excited to watch the white shaving cream turn vibrant colors with only a few drops.
Grace also made ooblek using a mixture of corn starch and water. Ooblek acts like a liquid when being poured but acts like a solid when a force is acting on it.
Grace is the absolute best when it comes to clean up time. Many times, Grace and I have the most fun while cleaning up our projects. Grace is always such a wonderful helper and loves to help with the clean up process. I am a strong proponent of allowing children ample opportunities to freely experiment with a wide variety of materials and textures. This often means making a very large mess. I think it is extremely important to allow for this free exploration ~ after all, any mess can be cleaned up and that too is an important part of of a child's learning process. Today, Grace used a hose to clean up our messy Monday projects on the deck. Grace & I had a severe case of the giggles during clean up time. We both ended up very wet and very happy. It was a great messy Monday.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday could also be called Marvelous Monday. There is nothing like smiles and giggles to start the week.
Love, Memere

always something to clean! said...

After all these years, Rececca, I have learned::it's so true anything can be cleaned and there is always something more to clean! So, just enjoy these early precious years with your children. They go by all too quickly. The very best times are those in which everyone can make a mess and learn and have memorable fun while doing it. Days like this are ones never to forget. Enjoy, enjoy....I wish that I had had more of them with you and Adam when you were little. I love you even more than ever as a Mommy because of the experiences you give to Grace! I am so proud of you, Rebecca.
Love to All of You,

Anonymous said...

You might be the best mommy ever! I can never guess what you girls will be up to when I see the blog next. You are doing such an incredible job...

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?