Friday, August 22, 2008


Grace and I made bubbles today by mixing together water, dish detergent, and corn syrup. Instead of using a typical bubble wand that comes with store bought bubble solutions, we found various items in our kitchen. Blowing bubbles using colanders, spoons, and cookie cutters was so much more fun and exciting for Grace ~ she loved it! Grace's favorite "bubble wand" was this slotted spoon. Grace was able to make long chains of bubbles this way. The colander made lots of tiny bubbles which Grace enjoyed running and chasing after to pop. Grace was very intrigued how the bubbles on her hands didn't pop when her hands were wet!
After blowing bubbles with the kitchen utensils, Grace was full of giggles as she put both hands into the bubble soap bowl to play. Grace made lots and lots of bubbles by splashing her hands in the bubble soap!!
Grace's bubble play wouldn't have been complete without some bubbles on her nose and Mommy's too!


Anonymous said...

How creative, again! This looks like an activity to enjoy again and again and again.
Grace, what an appropriate shirt to wear when you are making bubbles. Twirl and the bubbles twirl with you.

*maddy* said...

I just know that you'll be looking out your front window this winter remembering the fun you had with the bubbles! What a great idea to find items from your kitchen to make bubbles with. I have a new view of all my kitchen items after seeing this! Dearest Grace, you look like you had the best time. A free-spirited little girl playing with soapy water and bubbles....just like you, what direction will they take next!!
Have a wonderful weekend, the weather sounds nice!
Love to Our Bubble Family!

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