Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cloud Paint

Grace and I made cloud paint this morning. We mixed together one half cup of Elmer's glue with two cups of shaving cream to create a light and fluffy paint that resembles clouds. Grace painted on sky blue paper using the cloud paint. The exciting part is that the paint actually dries soft and puffy, just like clouds!Grace made lots of cloud paintings because she was having so much fun with this new style and texture of paint. Initially, she gently scooped the paint onto paper using a wooden spoon but towards the end she dug in with both hands!


Anonymous said...

You are a brave mom, Rebecca.
Grace, now you have touched a cloud. When you look up and see them in the sky, you will remember how they felt and how you made some in different sizes and shapes.
Today looks like it may be a good day to cloud watch.
Memere's students loved handling shaving cream, making a mess on their desks, and some on themselves.
Love you,

maddy XO said...

Dearest Grace,

What a special Mommy that you have. She is amazing! All of us are just waiting to see what you will try next. I have always loved clouds, even the gray ones. I have never heard of this procedure before but I bet the texture was just yummy to feel and play with. I think that your cloud picture is just beautiful! Uncle Adam is here and thinks that everything about you is the "absolutely best thing in the world"!
We Love You,
Maddy/Mom and Uncle Adam

Anonymous said...

once again, another magical and creative moment in the life of the amazing sweet grace.

i love clouds also and like maddy said "even the gray ones."

ok, maddy and rebecca at some point you will have to think about the book you will be writing for people like me...yes? ;-) i won't give up on the two of you...just so you know ;-)

love, elsie

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