Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Making Scrunchy Blossoms on Tree Twigs

Grace gathered a variety of twigs this morning in order to make scrunchy blossoms. Prior to gathering the sticks, Grace and I made tiny balls out of different colors of tissue paper. Grace brought the sticks inside where she dipped the tissue paper balls into glue and stuck them onto the twigs. Grace kept going until her twigs were in full bloom. Great job, Gracie girl!


maddy said...

Just beautiful! I love them! What a colorful branch that will add to your home. Imagine looking at this in the winter! Lovely.
Love, Maddy

PS~ Also, loving the sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

the ever styling grace.....love your colorful branch. what is next in the life of sweet grace...can't wait and see.

happy sunny day!!!

love, elsie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! What a cheery sight!
Grace, with all your art work, you could have a showing at a gallery.
Love you,

The Ousdahls said...

What a beautiful art project! It would be so nice if we lived closer...I bet we all would have so much fun together every day =)

Much Love,


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