Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 7 of Our Trip to Vermont: Middlebury's Fifth Annual Arts Walk

Another one of my favorite moments from our trip to Vermont happened on our last evening there.  We participated in Middlebury's Arts Walk.  The Art Walk showcased the works of local artists, craftspeople, architects and designers in the college town.  In the picture above, Jack and Eve are creating their own masterpieces along Middlebury's Main Street using chalk.   :)

Grace and Eve look on as one local artist creates a beautiful chalk drawing.  He was so happy to invite Grace, Jack and Eve to join him!

Here are Eve and the artist discussing their favorite colors together.  

Grace and Eve creating art! 

Jack and Eve admiring the artist's beautiful chalk drawing depicting a Vermont farm and the Green Mountains.

Grace, Jack and Eve working together.

The Art Walk encouraged people to wander from shops to galleries in the town of Middlebury.  Grace loved reading about all of the stops along the Art Walk trail.  Grace became our tour guide and showed us where the various art stops were located!

Grace followed the map and led us to through the Community College of Vermont building to a local artist's workshop.  Here is Grace showing Eve the way!

Grace and Eve were particularly taken with this little art studio and with all of the oil pastel paintings.  Both girls noticed that the artist used purple in all of her paintings!  We later found out from the artist herself that the girls were right -- purple was her favorite color.

Jack loved all of the painted pianos that were outside throughout the town.  Here he is admiring one of the painted pianos but he was quite surprised to find that there were no keys!


Anonymous said...

From all the photos of this week's Festival on the Green, it appears that you picked the optimum time to arrive at events to maximize your experience of the program or activity. Without the crowds, you could really look around and explore. Looking at Grace, Jack, and Eve, they were intent, curious, open, and willing participants. Enjoying life at every opportunity. Awesome!


Maddy!!!, said...

This was such a great big fun evening! I don't think I shared this with you but the chalk art from Grace, Jack, and Eve lasted for weeks! I kept going back and re-checking. There wasn't too much rain and it just got lighter and lighter with time--so bittersweet for me.

Tell Jack that the pianos are not here anymore. Tell Grace & Eve that I am planning on going back to the little "purple" art studio to take some more looks.

And finally--who could ever get over that last photo of My Little Butter Bean!!! So way-beyond sweet!

Sending Up Amazing Love to Grace, Jack, and Eve,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?