Saturday, August 10, 2013

Catching Up...

My has been awhile since I last posted!  Last week was just one of those busy weeks and I didn't find myself with too much extra time for blogging.  Grace and Jack attended camp at Broadturn Farm this past week and we were busy in the evenings taking care of the garden beds at Grace's school.  It is SO hard to believe that we are approaching mid August.  Where has the summer gone?  Grace will be going to school at the end of this month and Jack is attending preschool three morning per week beginning in September.   Wow!  I have so much to post about and I am quickly falling behind with getting everything in.  I'll do my best these next few weeks getting caught up (I still haven't posted about Grace's dance recital, which was back in MAY!).  Meanwhile, I am trying to enjoy every second of what we have left of summer.  :)


Mom, said...

Things are busy, busy when you are Mama to three little bees! Grace, Jack, and Eve sure do keep your family on the go-go.

Love Broadturn Farm Camp and how special to take a two week turn at the garden bed keepings at Grace's school!

Do enjoy all the time before the school year begins and all those adventures. For Summertime is the best and make sure you fill up all of your senses with the ocean!

Love Forever and Ever,

Anonymous said...

Whenever you can, whatever you post, I love to view your blog and pay a visit with those I love.
It's such a treat! You do a great job, Rebecca. Thank you.


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