Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 3 of Our Trip to Vermont: The Festival on the Green Begins!

We were SO excited for Monday afternoon to arrive because it meant the beginning of Middlebury's Festival on the Green's Brown Bag lunch series!  I have been attending the Festival on the Green with my parents and brother since I was a little girl.  I look forward to this event every summer and I love continuing this summer tradition with my own children.  The Brown Bag lunch series opened with Rik Palieri, a folksinger and singer songwriter.  Rik took us through a musical journey around the world and our very own Gracie girl was so lucky to be called up on stage to help Rik with one of his songs!  Grace accompanied Rik by making a limberjack doll dance during one of his songs.  What fun!

Families are invited to bring their lunch and eat during the performances.  Here is a picture of Jack enjoying a bowl of blueberries before the performance began!  He was so very excited for the Festival to begin!

Here is our sweet little Eve enjoying eating some of the blueberries while she waited for the performance to begin.  While Eve was in Vermont, Maddy kept telling Eve that she has "blueberry eyes."  Every since then Eve thinks it is SO funny to put blueberries over her eyes and tell everyone how she has "blueberry eyes!"

Grace volunteered to work at every Brown Bag lunch performance and during one of the evening performances as well.  Grace was given a name tag and went around to everyone in the audience to ask if they wanted to sign up for a free raffle.  This was such a great job for Grace since she was able to meet so many new people, to read what their names were and to find out where they lived.....absolutely perfect for my Grace!  :)
I love this picture of Jack as he is intently watches Rik Palieri perform. 

Here is Eve watching Rik perform.  She loved all of his music and musical instruments from around the world!


Maddy, said...

Amazing captures!

Loved seeing Gracie Girl on stage with Rick and watching her meet and greet new people and reading their names and locations!!

Loved watching Jack and admiring his handsomeness and love of music and, so cute!!

Loved watching Eve and her 'blueberry eyes' twinkling and studying all that was happening around her at the Festival...she is a real teeny~tiny Butter Bean!!

Love to the Three Little Wonders,

Anonymous said...

How wonderful and enriching for the children and adults to have this special week in Middlebury. The Deverell and Leger families have to be some of the festival's most ardent fans.

Grace, Jack, and Eve are such an enthusiastic audience! Grace has such presence as she helps out and socializes with others in the audience, and the biggie, as she performs on stage! What loves they each are!


Michael Arlantis said...

These are beautiful and precious moments of family time in peaceful Vermont. They are God's gift that we should always be grateful of. Millions of people are dying just to have such moments even for a short while. The Deverell and The Leger families are among the lucky ones whose lives are filled with these wonderful moments. You are truly blessed. Rebecca, thank you for sharing pictures and stories of your family moments, which I bet are what matters to you most.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?