Saturday, August 17, 2013

For the Cows

Every day my children perform a musical and dance show for me - often several times per day.  They love to dress up, dance, sing and play musical instruments together.  It is, by far, their favorite activity.  On Friday afternoon I was invited to one of their performances outside on our front porch.  Eve had a little ukelele in hand and was singing Old MacDonald.  When she turned around she noticed the cows were in the field adjacent to our house.  Eve squealed and was extremely excited because she thought that the cows had come because they heard her singing!!!

After the musical performance, the cows were treated to a gymnastics show in our yard by Grace!

In the midst of Eve singing and Grace cartwheeling, Jack ran inside to change into his tractor pants (he later told me that he thought the cows would really like those pants!) and he grabbed a hula hoop to perform a "trick show" for the cows.

I nearly burst out laughing each time I think of these cows.  Every time they hear Grace, Jack and Eve they all stop eating and stare at them (just like the cow above).  I'm just trying to figure out what the cows are thinking of all of the attention that they are given by Grace, Jack and Eve.  The look on their faces is a combination of disbelief and shock.  I really think that they love the little Leger performances just as much as I do but they just don't know quite how to express it!!  :)


Bob Leger said...

I think they are checking out the girls apparel. They are all girl cows of course, except one.

Anonymous said...

There's chemistry here. The cows relish the melodious sounds and the love that are directed toward them. Just look at that cow's expression.

I also agree with Rob that they must enjoy setting their eyes on these beautiful children and their colorful apparel.


Maddy, said...

My you live in a beautiful place! WHo wouldn't want to have cows as Summer neighbors!

How cute is it that Grace, Jack, and Eve put on plays/concerts/shows for you, Mama, and the cows!

What a joyful Summer you have had...such good memories.

Thank you for sharing this story---I love it so much!

Love to all and the cows, too!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?