Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 4 of Our Trip to Vermont: Fun at the Festival

Here are Grace, Jack and Eve standing on the side of the stage before the Brown Bag lunch performance began.

My sweet Gracie girl

Every day we arrived early to the Festival because Grace volunteered to work.  Grace, Jack and Eve enjoyed this "quiet time" before the performances began to watch the performer(s) warm up.

Gracie volunteering at the Festival!


Maddy, said...

Oh, how I wish I could bring it all back again! How much fun we had at all of our week long Brown Bag Lunch performances! I love seeing the hay laying down in 'attempt' to keep shoes somewhat mud-free after all the rain. Good idea until the hay became muddy! I must say that I did enjoy getting the mud out of shoes and clothes that week--I do love stain removal!

Grace, Jack, and Eve are so beautiful and precious in Middlebury, Vermont!!! I could just eat them up!

Missing My Sweet Grands and their Mama and Daddy,

Anonymous said...

My heart leaps when I gaze upon these beautiful children and their unencumbered, zestful, eager, joyful spirit. There they sit,expectantly, taking in all the preparations, the comings and the goings, making the most of the event.

Grace doesn't realize all the positives of her volunteering, both for herself and for others, but putting herself out there for others is working its magic.

Happy days in Middlebury!


Bob Leger said...

It was a wonderful memorable week! Thank you so much Rebecca and Maddy for all that you do!

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?