Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 6 of Our Trip to Vermont: The Little Leger Trio!

My favorite moment at the Festival on the Green was this....when Grace, Jack and Eve all sang together on stage!  The performers that day were the No Strings Marionette company.  Before they began their show they asked if anyone in the audience would like to join them on stage to sing a song.  Both Grace and Jack raised their hands together and were called up on stage.  Well, my little Eve was certainly not going to be left out!!  Eve promptly stood right up and followed her big brother and sister right up on that stage to sing too.  Grace, Jack and Eve ended up singing three songs together.  It was incredibly sweet!  Here are some pictures of their performance....

 A girl duet!

 Jack takes the lead!



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♬ ♪Maddy, said...

I was waiting for this!!!

This was my favorite moment at the Festival, too, Rebecca! How could it not be with Grace, Jack, and Eve all three on the stage singing their little hearts out together! It was a bit like the Von Trapp Family! I loved it so much through my happy tears of joy!

I will never forget this performance, ever! Wasn't it just amazing how the entire audience and the workers talked and talked about the trio! Loved it and was full of such Maddy Pride!

I will be looking and re-visiting these pictures again and again to see and have those tears of joy all over.

Love to the Little Leger Trio of Grace, Jack, and Eve,

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