Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 5 of Our Trip to Vermont: Grace on Stage!

Grace, Jack and Eve were extra excited for this day of the Festival because Steven Gratto was performing.  We have seen him perform at the Festival for the past two years.  Here is a description of Steven Gratto:

Juggler, unicyclist, fire eater, stilt walker, rope walker, hatchet thrower, balloon sculptor and balancer, Stephen Gratto is a physical comedian and much more. All performances are fast-paced and exciting displays of classic vaudeville and circus skills including many feats of daring, bravery, and side-splitting foolishness. Almost every portion of the Stephen Gratto Variety Show involves audience volunteers, both young and old. This interaction keeps everyone involved and laughing.

Grace was extremely excited to be called on stage to be a volunteer to stand while Steven Gratto and his son rode a unicycle in-between a line of children!

Here are some pictures of Grace on stage...

Steven Gratto asked the "cute little girl in pink" to cover her eyes as he uni-cycled back through the line!!!!

On this day, Grace's picture appeared in the local newspaper.  I'll post that later!  This was such a fun performance for all of us to watch. 


Anonymous said...

What a sea of adventures this week was! Such diversity, engagement, participation, and total enjoyment!j

Grace is becoming one of the expected performers and volunteers, and is really good at what she does. Hats off to you, Grace!


Maddy, said...

Loving seeing Grace on stage and then love seeing her again in these pictures!

We had fun in the front row of the audience watching and gasping for Grace as she stood so still as Steven Gratto unicycled around her!

Love to Beautiful and Amazing Grace. Love to Sweet and Handsome Jack. Love to Enchanting and Beautiful Eve.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?