Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grace Enjoys The Old Port Festival!

Each year the downtown section of Portland named the Old Port closes its streets for the Old Port Festival. The Festival includes over 30 musical acts on 6 stages, entertainment and activities for children, food from a variety of local restaurants (and fair food), and vendors selling goods from paintings by Maine artists to stuff that we're still not sure what it is. Grace enjoyed every second of the Festival - she was ecstatic and had an ear to ear smile from the first yellow balloon that she saw to the last big brown dog that we waved bye-bye to.


a june 1st, maddy said...

It sounds like a wonderful day.
I can see from the fantastic picture that Grace had the time of her life at the Old Port Festival! Thank you for sharing this day with us. We only wish that we were there to share in the fun. Grace is amazing at every turn. What a tremendous family you are!
Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

I also wish I was there! I am sure Grace had fun with her mom and dad. Always enjoying the pictures and have a great June!
Love, Uncle Adam

Anonymous said...

Grace, you have more of a social calendar than I have ever had. My life looks like it's at
a standstill compared to yours. You go, girl! Full steam ahead.
Oops, did your Mommy hear that?
Not exactly what she needs right now.
Love you each, love you all, all 4,

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