Saturday, June 7, 2008

Grace Does LL Bean Like A Pro!

We went to LL Bean today. Grace LOVES it there. The store is full of some of her favorite things like sunglasses... shoes & boots and...
hats! Even camouflaged ones!
Grace enjoyed the wonderful selection of books that LL Bean has to offer.
LL Bean is full of fish and animal displays. Grace wanted to climb into the fish tank to swim with the fish!
Grace was excited to see the deer display. Uncle Adam had given Grace a beautiful stuffed deer puppet for Christmas and since then Grace has expressed a great love of deer.
Oh my, an elk too!!!

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trying to keep cool in vermont! said...

I love the LLBean pictures. It is such a fun store to go to. I bet that it was full of steamy shoppers trying to find an early summer place to escape the heat. Grace, you look as cool as can be in polka dots. I am wondering if you are like Uncle Adam and me---the more humid it gets, the more our curly hair goes crazy and wild! I think that we should try the cute pigtails that Mommy gives you! What a fun day you had.
I love you more than all the cool summer things at LLBean!
Your "Too Hot" Maddy!

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