Monday, June 23, 2008

Dandelion Flower Prints!

On our walk to the lake this morning, Grace and I were on a hunt for the last remaining dandelion flowers. We were hoping to find as many dandelions as we could because we wanted to make dandelion flower prints when we returned home. Luckily, we were able to locate fifteen flowers and Grace found thirteen of them! Grace's favorite color is yellow and she can easily spot the "lel-lo dande-ly-lons." Grace loved dipping the flowers into yellow paint and pressing them onto paper. Grace's prints came out beautiful ~ we can't wait to frame them once they dry!


yellow in june~maddy said...

My Dearest!
How I love these dandelion prints!
They need to be framed to enjoy for years to come. It must run in the family because I know that Memere and Great Grandma love the color yellow, too. You and Mommy are forever doing the best projects together. I love every minute of it! The best of times.
Love You More Than All the Dandelions in New England (and that's a lot!!)
Your Maddy

Your Dandelion loving Poppy said...

Hi Gracie Girl:
I know your Great Pop-Pop doesn't like dandelions but, I always thought they were neat flowers.
I agree with Maddy...this artwork needs to be framed and enjoyed. Especially during the long winter months. You are quite the budding young artist. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You are truly amazing and so is your Mommy! A nature loving artist that works in all different mediums! What will you girls be up to next? I can't wait to find out...
Hugs from Vermont,

Anonymous said...

dear sweet grace, this has got to be the best dandelion art work i have ever seen! yes, i agree with dear maddy, frame it's a true treasure.

rebecca, you are awesome and what an amazing mom. i love all the projects you and grace do together.. it's full of such joy and excitement.

love, elsie

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