Friday, May 2, 2008

Seventeen Months Old!

Grace continues to amaze us by how quickly she learns and how much she knows. Here is a brief update about our Amazing Grace:
  • Grace has started to combine two words together. Some examples include: big dog, Daddy work, little rock, hair tie, I love, go bus, and more please. Grace's single word expressive vocabulary (spoken words and signs) is very large. Grace talks all the time and we love hearing all that she has to say!
  • Grace can count to 13 by herself and to 20 with some help
  • Grace identifies and names colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black)
  • Grace knows all 26 letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. She is able to recite the entire alphabet when we point to the letters.
  • Grace can spell her name
  • Grace can identify the printed words mama & Grace
  • Grace imitates the drawing of vertical & horizontal lines and circles
  • Grace identifies the basic shapes and more complex ones including: rhombus, pentagon, octagon, & trapezoid
  • Grace understands the size concepts little, medium, and big. She uses these words to describe objects, mostly rocks and balls.
  • Grace names the functions of common objects. Her favorites are telling us that scissors "cut, cut" and that spoons "scoop"
  • Grace remembers past events and tells us about them using a series of words, signs, and gestures
  • Grace follows two-step directions
  • Grace is very charming and she has a great sense of humor. She keeps us smiling and laughing all the time.
  • Grace's favorite things: buckling buckles, going for walks to the lake, the beach, our cat Petey, apples, eggs, books, markers, painting, stickers, her swimming instructor, music class, her Learning Tower, The Children's Museum, the produce section at the grocery store, potty time, swinging, shoes, phones, dressing, dancing, twirling, walking backwards, lotions, and any fine motor task. Grace's very favorite thing in the entire world is ELLA (seen below).


Maddy and poppy!!!! said...

It is all very, very real and true!!!!

We saw Grace do all of this when we were there last week. We are stunned by our Amazing Grace. We find ourselves talking about all that Grace does almost all the time. Even Poppy was unsure what a rhombus was last week (he doesn't really deal with too many rhombuses as a CPA!!) but Grace taught him. Grace is truly amazing in every way.
We Love You More and More (is that possible?),
Your Maddy and Your Poppy XO

Anonymous said...

sweet grace, you are indeed a smart little girl....all i can say is...
bells! whistles! fireworks! well done! three cheers!! your joy for learning has brightened the lifes of many. i know your maddy is sooo proud of you.

rebecca, i love the pictures they are truly amazingly beautiful... thank you for sharing.

also, happy belated birthday. i hope your day was extra special. you are an amazing mom.

love, elsie (from chilly vermont)

Anonymous said...

oooops.....meant to say lives not lifes.....i just know sweet grace would notice the error...

love, elsie

Anonymous said...

Dearest Grace,
You are truly "amazing"! Of course, that is not surprising, you are part of an amazing family - your loving parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are all "AMAZING"!
Happy 17 months birthday sweet Grace...
Hugs and Kisses from Donna

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