Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grace is Back!

Sadly, our Gracie girl has been sick for the past several days with ear infections but she is back today feeling great! Grace and I have spent most of our day outside enjoying our hammock and marveling at the beautiful shades of green that have appeared in our neighborhood over the past few days. We have small green leaves on all of our trees and even some beautiful green grass in our yard!
Grace's look of pure joy is priceless!

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sooo happy maddy & poppy :) said...

How relieved and happy we are that our Grace is feeling better. We know that Bob and Rebecca have been worried, tired and doing lots of cleaning and laundry since Grace has been so sick. It is great to hear and see you enjoying your happy little life again. Life for the Legers on Leisure Lane in Limerick, Maine....just the way it should be!
Sending Our Best Love!

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