Friday, May 23, 2008

Thank You Maddy & Poppy for the Unforgettable Memories!

Here are a few pictures that were taken last Saturday in Middlebury, Vermont before I left for Florida. Grace and I are safely back in Maine tonight but how we are both missing Vermont!
Mom & Dad, I can't possibly thank you enough for taking the very best care of Grace this past week. I am amazed by all that Grace learned from you. Grace talked about her time in Middlebury the entire ride back to Maine. She is saying so many new words. Some of my favorites are: Middlebury, Burlington, and ooooookay! Thank you for filling each day with so many wonderful learning opportunities for Grace. Her exposure to the arts at Middlebury College, playgroup, Children's Day at the town green, and all of the outside play, art time, and book time has opened Grace's world to all the beautiful things Vermont has to offer. However, the best part about this week is the time Grace got to spend with you. I am deeply touched to see how much Grace loves you both and what a special bond she has with you. We are counting down the days until we will be with you again. Thank you, again for being such incredible parents and the absolute best Maddy & Poppy to Grace. We love you.

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Anonymous said...

Gifts that money can't buy. How heartwarming and inspiring to see so much love!
The Legers

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