Monday, May 19, 2008

What We Did On A Rainy Monday Afternoon

Monday afternoon

Weather - rainy:

This is how we spent our rainy Monday afternoon. Poppy just came home and I thought that I would post these pictures very quickly before we take Grace for a ride to Middlebury College.

We drew with chalk, sat in a box, petted Willie again, played dress-up, and even went out in a "little" rain to watch the men cut the lawn with the "cut, cut" machines.

PS. Notice the important information that Rebecca left for us on our chalkboard wall.


mama said...

Wow, Gracie. You look like a superstar with those glasses on! What a treat for you to be able to see real lawnmowers, just like the ones in your book. We haven't been able to bring ours out yet because we still don't have grass that is long enough to cut! Maybe when we get back to Maine the grass will have grown higher. We'll have to see. The grass here is so green and THICK! Did you go for rides in your tupperware box? I can just picture you emptying it out, climbing in, and signing and saying, "GO!" I have a feeling Maddy & Poppy didn't push you as fast as Daddy does though!!! :) What an exciting day for you. I'm glad you enjoyed your playdough time too.

I love you tons & tons & tons,

mama said...

Hi Grace. I was just looking at your beautiful pictures again. I have one question -- was Ella going beserk in that last picture?!?! :) :) :)

I love you,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?