Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spending A Day At The Morgan Horse Farm

Okay, we know that we (Maddy&Poppy) said that our last post was Tuesday evening but we just couldn't help ourselves. Besides, I really think that Rebecca is a little tired and not feeling all that well tonight. Rebecca and Grace will be driving back to their home tomorrow. Bob will return on a "big airplane" on Saturday. It will be so nice for their little family to all be together for the long weekend.

It was fun for Grace to spend the day with Mommy and her Uncle Adam. They went to the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm in Middlebury. Grace loved the Mama horses and their babies! Every Mama approached Baby Grace and greeted her with a gentle nuzzle. Ella loved spending her day there, too!

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Anonymous said...

Grace, you are so brave! Even though those horses were bigger than you, you had no fear. They could tell that you liked them, and saw you as a friend, giving you a gentle kiss. I bet that you would love to go back there, and I'm sure that you will.
Memere and Pepere

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