Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grace and Her Uncle Adam

Grace loves her Uncle Adam. It was great for us to spend the day with Adam. Adam is very happy that he will become an Uncle again around Christmas. He thinks that Grace is so precious. They are good friends!


Anonymous said...

There are few guarantees in life, however one thing I can count on is how amazed I always am when spending time with Grace. She is such a lovely little girl. It is fun to call her Baby Grace but soon that title will be out-of-date. She is growing up so fast with her words and her interaction with the world. You don't have to dream very hard to know what great things are in store for her right around the corner. When visiting the elementary school that Maddy works at Grace was right at home in the classroom. Her future teachers better stock up on gold stars for her school papers! With keeping with good things congratulations on Grace becoming a big sister down the road. Bob, Rebecca and Grace are a great family and soon it will get even bigger and better.
Love, Uncle Adam

Anonymous said...

Grace, you and Uncle Adam look like you are having the best of times. He will always be a very special person in your life.
Love you,
Memere and Pepere

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