Thursday, May 29, 2008

Such A Beautiful Day...


3 M's said...

Another Great day at Higgins Beach...We wish we could have been there with you and Grace on the beach. I love the picture of Grace and her shadow =)

Much Love,

Melissa, Michaela, and Madelin

loving Higgins Beach~maddy said...

I so agree with Melissa! Let's imagine a "girl day" together. Melissa, Michaela, Madelin, Rebecca, Grace, Mommom and Maddy.
Seven fantastic girls together, let's try for it sometime soon.

Dearest Grace, You really know how to have the very best time you can where ever you go. Fun is Good!
I love your dress at the beach, I love you laying down and getting right into the sand, I love your hat blowing in the wind and, I love you and and your shadow. Incredible!
Help Mama and take the best care of her. I know you will because you are such a big helper, Grace.
I Love You All XOXO

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?