Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Enjoying the Beautiful Outdoors!

Grace loves to blow bubbles.


wishing Rebecca a happy birthday maddy said...

I just love the way that Grace is concentrating. I just know that she is trying to figure out exactly how the bubble wand works. Poppy says that she is thinking to herself, "I just know that I can make this work EVEN better somehow". And we all know that with Grace's perservence that she will! She has the most refined small motor skills that I have ever seen.

Grace, I hope that you blew lots and lots of pretty bubbles to celebrate Mommy's Birthday!!

We Love Both of Our Girls---So Full of Sunny Sunflowers and Colorful Bubbles!

a misspelled maddy!! said...

I know that I have misspelled a few words lately. You must be wondering what is up with that. I am not the world's greatest speller, I admit, but I am good at editing. When we have Journal Writing Time at school, we always tell the kids not to worry so much about their spelling. We want them to have their thoughts flow and to write them down. After they finish an entry, story, letter or poem then they do what we call an RCPS. They check their work by doing the following:
Now, I do know to do this but, I guess that I haven't been looking over my spelling very well!
My Very Smart and Ever Learning Grace, please know that I am also learning every day. The word that I misspelled for you above is perseverance. I love the way we are all life long learners. Glad that I could share this lesson with you.
Love You Grace, More Than Ever When I Can Share Even More of Me With You! Maddy

Anonymous said...

Happy 17 months! Happy everything!
You are a wonder and a blessing.

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?