Sunday, April 20, 2008

Maddy, Poppy & Grace Moments


The Ousdahls said...

Beautiful Pictures...These photos are so perfect at capturing the beauty of your day together. They look so nice in Black and white and could be in the brochure for a professional photographer.

We hope you all enjoy the visit together. We send much love to all 5 of you guys.


Matt, Melissa, Michaela,& Madelin

Anonymous said...

I knew Maddy was going to see you, Grace. She can't stay away. The picture of you and Maddy and Poppy is priceless. Another one to frame. Hello, Maddy, have a nice vacation.
Love Popo

Marie said...

I agree, The top photo is priceless and frameable! It captures unbridled love and sheer joy! Happy visit, it looks like you are off to a magnificent start!

maddy and poppy said...

To Our Ever Dearest and Most Amazing Grace,
We couldn't wait to drive in your driveway and see you. We had the best time ever with you. You bring a new joy, love and excitment to our lives that we never knew before. We love your Mommy and Daddy very much, too. We begin to miss you as soon as we send our last wave and beep-beep from our car to you. Now, we are counting the days until you come in May for six days! We love you so very, very much.
Maddy and Poppy

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures....masterly done! you can feel the love shared by maddy, poppy and sweet grace.

thank you for sharing the many wonders in the life of sweet grace.

love, elsie

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