Monday, September 2, 2013

The End of Summer Farm to Table Dinner at Broadturn Farm

As many of you know, we live around the corner from Broadturn Farm (a local organic farm).  We spend so much time here throughout the year enjoying the hiking trails through the woods, playing in the stream, attending summer camps and various family programs.  This summer Grace and Jack spent two weeks at their farm camp.  At the end of the summer camp sessions the children harvest the produce and herbs from the farm to prepare a meal for members of the community.  This is an event that I look forward to with my children at the end of every summer.  There are lots of pictures in this post!  I wanted to document as much as I could of this evening because it was all so beautiful -- I never want to forget a minute of it  

One of the highlights of the evening for Grace, Jack and Eve was to have their faces painted!

In the picture above, Eve was letting the face painter know that she wanted turquoise hearts painted on her cheeks.  :)

Grace asked to have a butterfly painted on her face.

Jack asked for a ladybug face painting.

My two sweet girls.

I love how my children have learned first hand where their food comes from and just how hard farmers work!  We are so lucky to live so close to Broadturn Farm and to be able to enjoy local foods.

Jack enjoying a treat at the end of the dinner!

Eve enjoying her treat!

After dinner Grace, Jack and Eve and I enjoyed walking around Broadturn Farm together (notice that my growing boy is still eating!).  It is such a beautiful place.

Jack loved showing Eve the turkeys that he and Grace helped feed and care for during their weeks at camp.  

The chickens!

We were very excited to see Broadturn Farm's new sign on their Long Barn!

 Jack and Eve climbed the fence to get a better view of the cows in the pasture.



Eve had fun balancing on this wooden beam.  This is a favorite activity for many of the children at Broadturn. 


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Poppy said...

What a magical and wonderful time for Eve, Jack, and Grace...Memories to last a lifetime.

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