Monday, September 16, 2013

Jack's First Day of Preschool!

Jack started preschool at the beginning of September.  He goes to a Montessori school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Up until this time he has been home with me.  Every day when I pick Jack up I love how he greets Eve and I.  Jack drops whatever it is that he is doing at the time and comes running to us with a big hug ready!  On the ride home from school each day I ask Jack what he enjoyed most at school that morning.  His response is always the same, "Everything, mama!"


Maddy to Her Jack, said...

I ❥love❥ Jack so, so, so much!

He is just SO absolutely cute. We are so lucky and thrilled to have this boy in our watch him grow and watch him develop his love of music and dancing and to watch him understand girls [with an older sister who is very strong and a little sister who is also very strong!!] and to watch him learn that he is loved beyond love as he is the only boy that we all LOVE.

It seems just like a few days ago that I held this boy in my arms when he came home from birth and kissed those cheeks of his and sang soft sweet and tender songs to Jack.

I Love this boy so very much. I cannot wait to hold him in my arms again....for as long as he allow his Maddy to love him to bits!

Love, Maddy

Anonymous said...

Standing tall, ready to fly, to leap into his future. He is an awesome guy! And all of us that have him in our life are so blessed. Stand tall and proud, Jack.

Love, hugs, and tickles,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?