Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Here is Eve sitting in her bed for the first time!  Eve couldn't wait to be done with her bath that evening so she could try out her new bed.  She was so excited!

 I asked Eve to show me how she would go to sleep in her bed and this is what she did!

Eve pretending to sleep! 

Eve's bed started out in our yard!  Bob painted it white and it remained outside for a few days to fully dry.  Eve, Grace and Jack all thought this was quite funny.

Here is a picture of Eve (and Petey cat!).  This was the last time that Eve was in her crib.

Eve sleeping with her beloved Lavender.


Anonymous said...

The bed and Eve are a perfect match. Eve looks like a real princess, just like in fairy tales. The sweetest little princess ever.

"Grow strong" is a wonderful wish, with so many meanings and inuendos, words to keep in mind every day.

Obviously, a lot of love and thought went into this princess's bed.


Maddy, said...

Oh, My--my little Butter Bean is really growing up...though, Eve, hasn't been a baby for quite some time now!!

It's all waaay tooo difficult to describe her in words--you have to be with that Little One for a period of time to "really" get to know all the different layers of Eve!! What am I saying...for all of the children are layer upon layer of personality!!!

I do so love her bed and the way she looks in it! Eve along with Jack and Grace are all growing up strong. And, that is just the way Poppy and I love it.

You can't begin to imagine how much of our daily conversations are about your little three! We send all of them our deepest thoughts and love for a healthy, happy, and strong life every single day.

May all of us continue to Grow Strong throughout our lives.

Love from here to there,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?