Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jumping for Joy!

After dropping Grace and Jack off at school this morning Eve and I had some time before her first soccer practice started.  We decided to go to Higgins Beach, which is one of my very favorite beaches in Maine.  Eve and I were the only two people at Higgins this morning...we had the entire beach to ourselves!    

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Maddy, said...

My Little Butter Bean!! Oh My, I really thought at first glance that this was Grace! But, I must admit that I didn't have my glasses on, though!

But, Eve looks so much like Grace in these shots...the colorful and brilliant clothes and those huge jumps!

Eve has always loved her jumping. For such a Little Bitty she can sure jump real high. I love how Eve's big personality even comes across in her jumps!

How wonderful to have Higgins Beach all to yourselves. It looked beautiful and peaceful there.

Let us know how Eve's first soccer practice went. I bet it was the cutest thing to have the little ones playing!

Loving Butter Bean so, so, so much,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?