Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eve's Very First Soccer Practice!

Eve had her very first soccer practice on Tuesday.  Her team is called the "Mini Kicks" and watching the practice may be one of the cutest things that I have seen in a long time!  The team is designed for 2 1/2 - 4 year old children who live in Scarborough.  Eve is the youngest player on the team.  The practice lasted a total of 45 minutes and I think the children had at least 20 water breaks during that time!  :)

Eve's stance.  

I'm finding that Eve frequently stands with her hands behind her back with some of her fingers entwined.  

Eve practicing dribbling the soccer ball. 

This, by far, was my favorite part of practice to watch....stretching!  It was so, so cute.  As you can see, Eve took this very seriously, which only added to the cuteness factor!!! 

More stretching...   :)

...and even more stretching to get ready to play some serious soccer!

Eve is just about ready to make her first goal.  She was very focused - after a water break, of course!  You can see her water bottle at her feet.

At the end of practice Eve and her teammates came together to cheer on their hard-working and well hydrated Mini Kicks team!

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Mom, said...

You're exactly right, Rebecca, nothing could be more precious or cuter! Those stretches and toe touches are beyond sweet! I cannot stop smiling at the water breaks!!

Eve must have been sky-high during practice...for she had so much to tell Jack and Grace about her first practice on the Mini-Kicks (loving that name!).

Love Eve's stance with those little-bitty hands and fingers gathered together. She is such a Butter Bean, that girl!

Thank you so much for sharing this series, Rebecca, it makes my Maddy heart so full of joy!

Love, Mom

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