Friday, September 13, 2013

Grace & Eve

Every few weeks at Grace's school they have "late starts," where the teachers meet for a few hours and the children arrive to school mid-morning.  After dropping Jack off at preschool on Wednesday, Grace, Eve and I had an hour together before Grace had to be at school.  Since the beach is located just down the road from Grace's school, we enjoyed a morning at the beach.  As we were there together I kept thinking what a treat it was for us to be able to have a mini beach day on a school morning!  I am still trying to squeeze in as many beach days as possible before the weather turns colder.

Grace and Eve writing in the sand.

Grace is the best big sister to Eve.  She is so kind and sweet and Eve absolutely adores Grace.  These two girls of mine are so cute together!

These days I usually find Grace upside down cartwheeling or hand standing!!!

Happy Friday!


Happy 10th Anniversary!, said...

Happy 10th Anniversary Today, Bob & Rebecca!!!

I can still remember planning for your wedding and now you have three beautiful children!

Love these pictures of the girls! I'm so glad that they have each other. Jack is very lucky to have a big sister and a little sister!

I must say, Rebecca, it wasn't all that long ago the I found you doing cartwheels or hand stands, too!!
Time flies waaay tooo quickly. Enjoy ALL of it to the fullest!

Happy 10th Anniversary Today!!!

Love to Bob, Rebecca, Grace, Jack, and Eve,
Mom/Maddy/Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Sister time! Grace and Eve look so cute together and so enjoying each other. This is what memories are made of.


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