Monday, September 9, 2013

Grace's First Soccer Practice

Grace's soccer season started at the end of August.  She has practices every Friday evening and her games are scheduled on Saturday mornings.  Grace had her first game this past Saturday.  Grace and her team did really well.  Grace scored two goals and her team won!  Here are some pictures from Grace's very first practice...

When Grace and I drove up to the field we were amazed to see a hot air balloon take off right from the soccer field!  We stood there together for a long time watching the balloon drift slowly up to the sky.  It was beautiful. 

Grace with some of her teammates and Coach Drew.  

I will be posting pictures of Grace at her first game soon.  Jack also had his first game on Saturday (unfortunately most of Grace and Jack's games are at the same time and in two different locations).  Eve will be starting her very first soccer practice tomorrow morning too!  We are a very busy soccer family with practices on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and games every Saturday.  It's official now...I have become a soccer mom.  :)  


Poppy (who is unsure of the soccer rules) said...

Hi Gracie Girl:
Good moves on the field, Grace. Play hard and have fun. You will have to explain the soccer rules to me when Maddy & I come down to see your game.
And Rebecca...yes, you are really a soccer mom with Grace, Jack, and Eve all playing. I guess soccer is the official sport of the Legers.

Maddy, said...

Grace is as sweet as pie! That hot air balloon was a a beautiful sight to behold.

Being at the right place at the right time! Love the team and all the girls growing, learning, and playing together!

We cannot wait to come up for a game...maybe Poppy will have to go to one and I will have to go to the other--or maybe we can exchange places half way through!!

Grace is really growing up! Love the socks and her skirt!
Love You, Gracie,

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Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?