Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparent's Day

Grace, Jack and Eve really have the best grandparents!  I feel so honored and blessed to have Memere, Maddy, Pepere and Poppy as role models and influences in my childrens' lives.  To celebrate Grandparent's Day I took Grace, Jack and Eve to our local pottery shop this week so that they could make something for each of their grandparents.  They had the best time choosing the pottery and painting it.  As they were sitting and painting together I had them tell me some of their favorite stories about their grandparents.  It was a treat for me to listen to their stories and to see how happy all three of my children were are they spoke of these four amazing people in their lives.

I hope you enjoy these pictures.  Grace, Jack and Eve chose tea cups with saucers for Memere and Pepere so that they can enjoy cups of tea together and coffee cups for Maddy and Poppy for them to enjoy their coffee together in the morning!  They will be coming your way very soon.   :)

I can't thank Maddy, Memere, Poppy and Pepere enough for all that you do to bring so much love, laughter, special times and lots of extra hugs and kisses to the lives of Grace, Jack and Eve.  You are truly extra special and we love you all so very, very much.


Proud Poppy said...

Hi Grace, Jack, & Eve:
It's really the grandparents who have the best grandchildren! You are all such treasures. Paraphrasing a song lyric from "The King & I", by your grandchildren you'll be taught.
Love, Poppy

Maddy to Her 3 Most~Incredible Grands!!, said...

Poppy is so right! We are the lucky ones--by far!!

We celebrate EVERY day as Grandparents Day!

The mugs will be so special to use every morning. Love them!!!

All of the Love in the World to Grace, Jack, and Eve,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?