Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fort Lauderdale Beach

I am going through our Florida pictures and I will be posting many more soon.


Mom, said...

Oh, there they are! We have been missing your photos so much. As difficult as it is to live so far apart, somehow we have become accustomed to feeling a bit better when we see our Grace, Jack, and Eve here.
Dad says that one would never know if that beach was in Florida or Maine. I told him I think the sand looks different. Dad gave me one of those smiles. I asked Dad if that was a shark in the water. Another smile. He said...Mary Ann, it's a sailboat. We both smiled!

As you see, we cannot wait for your pictures and stories, Rebecca! So, so, so happy to have you feeling better and up to blogging again. Take good care of yourself, our dear, you have a HUGE job to do each day!

We Love You,
Mom & Dad

ps....loving those sun hats and Jack's bathing trunks are beyond cute!!

Rebecca Leger said...

Hi Mom & Dad.

I had very similar thoughts as I posted this picture last night. While we were in Florida I told Bob that it might be hard to tell if some of the beach photos were from Maine or Florida.

Yes, the sand if very different -- it is much more granular in Florida and it appears to be made mostly of broken shells. In some of my pictures that I will be posting later you will be definitely be able to tell it is Florida because of all of the cabanas set up along the beach (you don't see too many of those in Maine!). The biggest difference between the beaches, however, could not be seen but felt. The temperature of the water in Florida was very warm. Grace and Jack went swimming and tubing in the ocean for long periods of time without ever getting cold.

Bob and I also talked about sharks when we were there so it was funny that you mentioned it!

I am glad you love the blog so much. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog too! I am currently having big problems with space and storing all of my photos our laptop so I am going to see if I can switch over to the iPad. I am hoping this switch will not take too long to learn because I have so many pictures left from our trip and lots of pictures from our every day life to post!

Have a great Sunday! We are off to the Old Port Festival today.

Lots of love,

Rebecca Leger said...

One more thing...

Jack is calling the Old Port Festival this...

"the Old Port Festival on the Green!"


Mom + Dad about Jack!, said...

I cannot tell you how SWEET & SPECIAL we think Jack calling the Old Port Festival the, "Old Port Festival on the Green" is!!

We cannot stop saying it to each other. We are even attempting to use Jack's sweet voice in saying it!

It literally made our eyes fill up with wondrous tears of joy for our Grandchildren. They are so amazing. We say to each other all the time....can you believe that WE have three Grandchildren!!??!! Most days we are STILL trying to come to terms with it all!

Hope your time at the Old Port Festival was full of delicious foods, dancing music, ocean smells, and memories....perfect weather today for it!

Anonymous said...

Grace and Jack are natural beach
"bums". They look as though they could pitch a tent and play all day.

Love you day and night, always,

Anonymous said...

Grace and Jack are natural beach
"bums". They look as though they could pitch a tent and play all day.

Love you day and night, always,

Got Gracie, Jack & Eve?