Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Eve's Hard Working Hands...

Eve loves fine motor activities or any activity that involves using the small muscles in her hands.  Eve has a special basket that is filled with a variety of items to keep her tiny fingers busy and strong.  Some of Eve's favorite fine motor activities are pictured here.  In the picture above, is is working on her sewing block.  Eve enjoys carefully threading the wooden needle through the holes in her block.

This fine motor activity has always been a favorite for Grace, Jack and now Eve.  Eve works so hard to put toothpicks through the tiny holes of an empty spice container.  This is Eve's favorite activity and she often sits for ten minutes or more working on this fine motor task.

There are several containers inside of Eve's fine motor basket that she loves to open and close.  In the picture above Eve is working on opening and closing the tiny doors on a pill container.  I often hide little treasures inside of the containers for Eve to find like bells, balls or stickers.

Since the first time Eve pulled to stand to reach the piano keys, she has expressed an interest in playing the piano and singing.  Eve loves using her fingers to press the piano keys.  I also love how she sings, "la la la" while she plays (or any time she hears the words "sing" or "song").  

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Maddy to Eve!, said...

I just adore our Eve with all that is in me!

She is so sweet and so lovable and so lovely and so so into knowing each and every little thing that occurs in her world. Maybe it's being the third child in a family. Or quite possibly if might be having a vivacious big sister and an outstanding brother to learn from. I don't really know but whatever it is, Eve is totally amazing and the icing on the cake for your family!!

We saw Eve enjoying all of these activities when we were with her for our week. It was pure joy to watch her. Eve is such a hard little worker and that laugh of her's while she plays makes one laugh right out loud with her.

I LOVE Miss Eve and cannot wait to see what path(s) she will take as time goes on.

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